Kwale Local Youth Entrepreneurs Ready to Supply Goods & Services at the Kwale World Class Base Titanium Mine

Kwale Local Youth Entrepreneurs Ready to Supply Goods & Services at the Kwale World Class Base Titanium Mine. This journey began in 2016 when Ummah Initiative with the support of USAID Kenya through the SCORE program initiated entrepreneurship support services to 40 youth groups spread across the 20 wards in Kwale County with 2 youth groups selected to benefit from the program from each of the wards. The support included business exposure tours to the Kwale Biashara Center, County Government Procurement Offices, Huduma Center, Leisure Lodge and Base Titanium. Ultimately 30 youth businesses were registered and early this year we presented our list to Base Titanium for inclusion in the procurement system. Yesterday’s event facilitated by Sterling Performance Africa a consultant engaged by Base Titanium with the support of the Germany Government marks a huge step forward hoping that these local young entrepreneurs can start to reap the benefits of the mining sector beginning May this year. Some of the youth entrepreneurs supported by UIG through the USAID Kenyafunded SCORE program when they attended the first procurement induction event at Base Titanium include the following:

  1. Mwaks Ltd
  2. Ammoo Entreprises
  3. Madosco Entreprises
  4. Gahaki Entreprises
  5. Gakasa Entreprises
  6. Maendeleo Kasemeni
  7. Kutmar Entreprises
  8. Zinadugu Entreprises
  9. Tujenge Perani Entreprises
  10. Smarteez Fashion & Design
  11. Chigok Entreprise
  12. Saajudan Entreprise
  13. Umoja Youth Mamba Entreprise
  14. Vitoroni Entreprises
  15. Reresha Entreprises
  16. Dzirinde Entreprises
  17. Aliriz Entreprises
  18. Citilozi Entreprises
  19. Chisene Entreprises

20 Saloxtechs Enterprises

  1. Office Soft Solutions
  2. Mwinza Entreprises
  3. Maazu Company Ltd
  4. Bogobogo Investments
  5. BentaRoza Entreprises
  6. Ntipwi Entreprises
  7. Mavuno Plus Entreprises
  8. Supab Co. Ltd
  9. Khaly Safaris & Tour Services
  10. Kigato Youth Entreprises

Maximizing Opportunities & Potential

Jimbo Letu Wajibu Wetu Maendeleo Yetu

Strengthening Community Resilience against Extremism

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