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The Tijara online store offers direct business opportunities for all the groups, businesses and individuals participating in the savings and crowdfunding competition. As a community initiative the Tijara store in more than one way reorganizes the market and bring it closer to the targeted beneficiaries, to further the agenda for economic empowerment of youth and women, to help restore disrupted economic productivity due to COVID – 19 and help build long term socio economic resilience. The Tijara online store offers economic benefits to the groups in different ways:

Selling our stock to earn commission which goes to their fundraising campaign. The Tijara online store will enter into partnerships with manufacturers and distributors of basic commodities to stock the online store at special discounted prices. Participating groups and individuals will be given authorization to sell the online stock to earn commission to boost their crowdfunding campaign.

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For example a group of 30 members can sell among themselves 30 packets of maize flour each day, which can be doubled or tripled with more sales to non-group members within and outside the village/estate. If the group is established within the mosque set up, with the help of the imam, worshipers can be converted to buyers, and bring significant economic empowerment to youth and women related to that mosque.

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A part from selling what is available on our store, the Tijara online shop, gives opportunities to groups and businesses to upload their own products for sell and earn profit. For example Groups or individual group members could upload eggs targeting the hotel sector or general agricultural products.

Building SME COVID 19 Resilience through online sales challenge, cash awards and business growth support

The Tijara online sales challenge and awards is challenging operating businesses owned by youth, women and people living with disability to sale their products through the Tijara online shop and win cash awards to support and grow their businesses. Winners too can access friendly business loans to expand their businesses in addition to other business growth support through this program and through our partners.

  • Registration of Groups, Businesses & Individual Participants
  • Register to Sell Your Own Goods through the Tijara Online Store
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The TIJARA – STARA 2nd Hand Mart is another unique way through which we can come together as a caring society to mobilize resources that can be availed to communities at affordable prices to help meet needs, and in the process support the course for youth and women economic empowerment as we endeavour to build COVID-19 community socio economic resilience.

Tijara – Stara 2nd Hand Mart initiative is partnering with well-wishers among corporates, government institutions, NGOs, diplomatic missions, as well as individual philanthropists within Kenya and overseas to access used items through donations and avail for youth and women economic empowerment through our online store.

  • For example hotels can donate used kitchen equipment they no longer need to support the Qivuli Cha Faraja COVID – 19 Community Socio Economic Resilience initiative through the TIJARA STARA 2nd Hand Mart.
  • Corporates and diplomatic missions can donate used office furniture and other usable items to support this initiative.
  • Households and individual philanthropists can donate used household items to support this initiative.