Annual Student Mining Writing Competition

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  • As Kenya’s Extractive Sector continues to grow, what are the achievements as far as industrialization & community development is concerned?
  • What are the County and National Government roles in relationship to the extractive sector and how can the respective roles and obligations be balanced?
  • What are the achievements in relation to the extractive sector operating environment with regard to policies, regulations and socio economic benefits to host communities?
  • What are challenges & drawbacks affecting the sector; and what are your views and proposals for the extractive sector mainstreaming to promote mutually beneficial and peaceful coexistence between extractive companies and host communities, and further enhance community resilience against violent extremism?


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  2. In the registration form, please include the name of your institution, course undertaken & year of study
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  4. You can participate by sharing your observations and views regarding any of the three major themes given:
  • Kenya’s Extractive Sector Companies – Success Stories, Challenges & Way Forward
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of the Proposed Natural Resources (Benefits Sharing Bill) 2014
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of the proposed public finance management (Mineral Royalty Fund) Regulations
  1. Best 20 participants will be selected based on frequency of participation and quality of observations, ideas and proposals submitted.
  2. It is allowed to conquer or dispute observations, views or proposals submitted by another participant. This should be done in a civilized and professional manner.

At Ummah Initiative we thank you for joining the extractive sector forum discussion, and we wish you best of luck!

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  1. Remycruize

    The emerging extractive sector provide an unprecedented opportunity for social and economic transformation of the country. Significant deposits of oil, titanium,coal and other minerals resources have been discovered and are set for exploitation
    In order to realise the holistic potential of the extractives sector there must be significant good gervenance practices in place
    National governance on extractive sector play a huge role..
    1. In making decision to extract_ determining whether the benefits of extraction outweigh the costs using a number of key including consideration of environment social and economic impacts.
    2.Developing resource properly_making sure that government and extractive companies comply with obligation and regulations
    3.Negotiation of the best deal_ national government provide mechanism for awarding exploration and exploitation licences


    How the Extractive industry has contributed in the Big Four Agendas

    After the the Jubilee government was elected for the second term in government, they announced their Big four Agendas through His Excellency the President ,Uhuru Kenyatta which comprise;

    1.Food and nutrition security
    2.Affordable Housing
    3.Enhancing Manufacturing
    4.Universal Health coverage.

    Now the Big question is ,how are the extractive industries contributing towards the big four? Bearing in mind that the mining sector only contributes 1% of Kenya’s GDP.
    But let’s take a case study of Kenya’s largest mining operation, Base titanium. Its believed to be the largest mine with about 60% of Kenya’s total minig output.
    Base titanium community development investment strategy is built on four key pillars,
    a)Sustainable livelihood
    d)Providing Social infrastructure

    Almost 5000 farmers from kwale county are participating in base titanium agricultural programmes.These not only enhance livelihood but also act as food security thus contributing to the government big four agendas.

    Base titanium has also enhanced manufacturing by having a cotton and sorghum plantation program, whereby the participating farmers have formed a cooperate and sell directly cotton to Australian fashion company cotton while for sorghum,the farmers signed a Memorandum of understanding with East Africa Breweries allowing them to sell their produce directly to the brewer.

    Base titanium is well known for partnering with kwale county government in improvement of the health sector.The extracting company has been of support especially in the construction of the Blood bank in msabweni and the magaoni health centre.

    The company has been of support in education by offering scholarship opportunities for all levels of education and also providing attachment and internship opportunities. Recently, base titanium started a compenty based training program ,where they equip youths with skills such as plumbing,masonary.