Ummah Resource Center

Overview & Objectives

Career Development & Academics

The resource center will offer numerous valuable programs that will not only improve academic performances and career development but as well help tackle social vices among the youths including drug taking, underage sexual behavior and HIV/AIDS.


The resource center shall seek to create an enabling environment for learning with a view to encouraging and inculcating reading habits amongst students in Kwale County to boost academic performance and career development. Kwale County has continued to rank among the bottom counties both in KCPE and KCSE examinations for decades. During the 2013 KCPE & KCSE results Kwale County posted dismal results appearing among the 5 bottom counties nationally. As a result majority of students from Kwale County will continue to miss opportunities to access quality and government subsidized professional courses in public universities. This has a long term effect of limiting the Kwale people in the competition for employment opportunities both in the public and private sector. Through the programs and strategies to be implemented at the resource center we hope to significantly reverse this negative trend.


Facilitate availability of quality educational resources, print and electronic to improve the competitiveness of less privileged students to compete for educational and career opportunities with their privileged counterparts.


Facilitate appropriate programs to guide students and help weak students to improve their performance through customized and personalized academic support programs.

Digital Education

Make accessible to disadvantaged youth quality digital educational and career development resources.

Business Mentorship

Promote youth development through entrepreneurship mentoring, business incubation and networking support.

Leadership Mentoring

Offer leadership mentoring to young generation leaders to enhance participation of youth in political leadership and general community development.

ICT Training

Offer basic and specialized ICT training & ICT support to youth to promote career development and entrepreneurship initiatives.

Volunteer Scheme

Facilitate a community volunteer scheme through which university students, local and international professionals would be able to contribute meaningfully to development activities in Kwale County

Development Program

Through the holiday and work volunteer program the resource center shall make it possible to mobilize and attract resource persons who can volunteer their skills and expertise to support diverse development programs in Kwale County.

Maximizing Opportunities and Potential..