Siti Ali Kiponda – Environment & Community Development

For a duration of one and a half months I was in the social department which deals with the community affairs. I was able to work in the following areas: handling grievances, attending community meetings, health and safety awareness campaign, we distributed raincoats to the nursery school kids in different schools within Kwale County, conducted cervical and breast cancer campaign, worked on the Base Titanium cotton and potatoes pilot project, general office work – where I got to request leave for general workers, request PPE’s for general workers, witting minutes for meetings conducted and also binding several books for the department.

After the one and a half months we did a halfway presentation to the managers, superintendents, lecturers invited from various universities, workers from different departments and fellow interns.

This was a great opportunity for me to learn and practice presentation skills. Immediately after the presentation I went to the environment department which deals with the wellbeing of the environment. I was able to work in different areas:

  • Noise monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Dust watch monitoring
  • Radiation monitoring
  • Reptiles and amphibians monitoring
  • Seedlings monitoring

I also got an opportunity to attend a training which was done by HACH Company where we were trained on how to use and take care of different equipment in the laboratory.

At the end of the other one and a half months we did our last presentation to the same kind of group. This second presentation gave me an opportunity to correct the weaknesses I had during the initial presentation and it also marked the end of my three months internship at Base Titanium.

The student community in Kwale County still require a lot of awareness to create a change of attitude, approach and commitment to learning. There couldn’t be any better way of doing this than to involve the local students from Kwale County who managed to perform well to join universities for career training. The UIG career awareness campaign makes use of the university student’s under the Ummah Base scholarship program to sensitize and inspire their colleagues to work harder and maintain discipline so they too may excel in academics and career development.

Thanks to UIG Career Mentoring program Siti Kiponda is today a full time Agricultural Officer at Base Titanium. It began with the educational trip in 2013 which led to Siti’s attachment at Base Titanium and later Graduate Trainee before securing full time employment at the world class mineral sands project. As required by the special mentoring program Siti also got an opportunity to work as a UIG volunteer supporting various community projects.
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    This is a great story, it is a great achievement by Ummah Initiative.