Ukhuwah COVID 19 Mosque Initiative

Reorganizing Role of Youth and Women in Mosques as We Build Resilience Spiritual & Socio Economic Resilience against COVID 19 New Normal

In the wake of disruptions of spiritual activities within and outside the mosque, with extended socio economic negative impact, the Ukhuwah initiative is seeking to reorganize our youth and women within the mosque set up to play active roles to help the Ummah adapt to COVID 19 new normal.

Through the Ukhuwah initiative we would like to support youth and women in the masaajid to develop custom best practice guidelines that will help with reopening of masaajid and continued standard compliance and rapid response plans in cases of need.

Through the Qivuli crowdfunding, the Ukhuwah initiative will offers participating youth and women an opportunity to develop COVID 19 response resource mobilization campaigns to support their initiatives.

To help build socio economic resilience among participating youth and women, the Ukhuwah initiative will offer capacity building programs, and support business start-up and expansion capital through the Qivuli crowdfunding platform.

Through the mosques the UKHUWAH initiative will link the youth and women with economic opportunities with government (Access to Government Procurement Opportunities) and private sector companies. A unique opportunity for linkage of the mosque institution and devolved opportunities.

Enhance brotherhood and sisterhood within the mosques and contribute to a more meaningful and caring relationship within the mosque set up, to ensure youth and women get the requisite support to help them build spiritual resilience and overcoming life challenges affecting their dreams here on earth and hereafter.

Peer Learning

from each other, through sharing of COVID 19 custom best practices adopted by the various participating mosques, and further initiatives to cater for the wellbeing of youth and women. This will be achieved through online focus discussions through our various digital platforms including our portal, App and social media. Weekly reports will contribute to the monthly UKHUWAH magazine both for print and digital circulation. The UKHUWAH initiative will also organize strategic spiritual and socio economic activities to bring together participants, as well as mentors, coaches and sponsors.
The platform further aims to create a wider network of youth and women to further the Islamic ideals of brotherhood and sisterhood, with appropriate linkages to mentors, coaches and sponsors to establish a foundation for the establishment of KHAIRA UMMAH.

How to Participate
  • Imams to bring together at least 10 youth who are worshipers within that particular mosque and are interested to participate in this initiative.
  • Imams to bring together at least 10 women who are worshipers within that particular mosque and are interested to participate in this initiative.
  • Selected youth and women participants to undergo capacity building trainings throughout the program.
  • The registration process must be initiated by the Imam after building consensus with the mosque committee.
  • At the end of the year performance evaluation will be done to compare performance across various mosques to appreciate and reward winning teams and individual participants.
  1. At the end of each quarter a withdrawal not exceeding 50% of funds raised can be effected.
  2. At the end of the fundraising campaign, withdrawal can be effected for total funds raised.
  3. All quarterly and end of campaign withdrawals are subject to the following strict guidelines:
  • All withdrawals must be based on the basis of the initial fundraising objectives and plans. This will be monitored closely by the Qivuli team.
  • 10% contribution to the savings pool. The pool creates a strategic reserve from which interest free loans can be accessed.
  • 5% administration and program support deductions. Savings and Commission earned exempted.
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