Khalid Awadh – Electrical & Electronic Engineering – Technical University of Mombasa

I was very happy when I received a call from Base Titanium saying that I had been selected for the may – august 2014 attachment program. To me this was not only going to be a new experience but also a new exposure from a different field. This was an additional advantage for me considering that I had participated in the 2013 UIG educational tour and mining gala event. I already had a vague idea about the company and it was now time to go and discover more in the relation to the company’s day to day operations.

My time at base has been a great one from the first day I reported in the company to my last day of attachment. The skills I acquired from this company ranging from theory to practical sessions were of great intellectual and professional importance. I was given an opportunity to freely interact with expatriates from different parts of the world from whom I learnt a lot. Many shared their life experiences from how they started to where they are now.

This was an inspiration to me and at the same time a motivation to even work harder towards achieving my goals.

The training prepared me to be part of the team and understand the protocols of the company. This includes safety training, hazard identification, take 5 and permit to work. At Base Titanium, there was no room for laziness, work started at 7a.m to 5p.m wit superintendents and managers strictly keeping track of the work progress. Shutdowns would start as early as 5.30a.m with the biggest during my time lasting for 48hrs.

What inspired me even more about the company was that you get to be part of the team fully, sometimes it even becomes difficult for other departments to identify you as an intern. Responsibilities assigned are just what one needs to be prepared for the job market.

The training department keeps a dose watch of the intern which means follow up on the work progress of the intern. Managers & superintendents were always available for consultation & their office doors were literally always open.

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