Holiday & Work Community Volunteer Program

Through the holiday and work community volunteer program, Ummah Initiative Group is seeking to engage both local and foreign professionals including students in colleges and universities in the implementation and realization of its community objectives and programs. The holiday and work community volunteer program creates unique exciting but very affordable holiday opportunities for both local and foreign professionals and students as they volunteer their skills through a very flexible holiday and work community support plan.


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Tujengane Tuinuane Youth Skills for Business & CVEYouth Action for Open Governance & Accountability - YAOGATujengane Tuinuane Youth Business ClubYouth Business Plan Competition & Round Table ForumsBusiness, Career & Leadership Youth Mentoring ProgramEnvironment & Natural Resources Program for Youth Clubs & GroupsSports and Talent Development for Youth Economic Empowerment & CVEUmmah Resource Center

County Government Institutional Support;
Health Centers & Health ProgramsVocational Training InstitutionsWater & Agribusiness

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KwaleMombasaKilifiLamuTana RiverTaita Taveta

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