Kwale County Government Investments Officer Meeting

Meeting with the County Government Investments Officer and various head of departments at the department of trade and tourism discussing about the local content supplier development project. We deliberated so much on the local task force model especially in relation to the Kwale SMEs. We agreed that the HoDs from the trade and tourism department would be very instrumental to participate in the local task force work plan development to take place during the second week of October 2019. Ummah Initiative in addition to being a member of the Kwale local content task force representing youth affairs, has also been tasked to engage stakeholders among government institutions, private sector companies and other development partners to ensure the success of the local content project and as well ensure operationalization of the established Kwale local content task force. This project was initiated by Base Titanium in partnership with the Germany Agency for International Development – GIZ and the County Government of Kwale. The project has a particular focus in ensuring SMEs owned by local youth, women and PWDs access lucrative value chain economic opportunities within Base Titanium, other extractive sector companies, multinational corporations and government institutions.

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