Kwale Social Services & Talent Management Meeting

The Ummah Initiative local content supplier development project team had a very productive engagement with the youthful Francisca Kilonzo, chief officer social services and talent management on the 11th September 2019. We looked at how the ward based community development officers could add value to the project considering the availability of training rooms and social halls constructed by the County Government of Kwale at the ward level.

We agreed that the Community Development Officers should be considered for the training of trainers sessions once the training manual is ready and many youth will be able to access the local content project support services at the ward level through them. Through the department of social services, the local content project would also be able to access all AGPO certified registered businesses owned by youth, women and PWDs as potential target beneficiaries of the local content project.

Ummah Initiative continues to appreciate the role of the County Government of Kwale in supporting the various initiatives implemented by different partners in support of youth economic empowerment and building resilience against extremism and juvenile criminal activities.

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