Chiku Ali, a proud beneficiary of the SCORE youth program

I completed my studies at JKUAT with a bachelor of Commerce Accounting degree. It is through the SCORE mining competition that finally I was able to be engaged as an intern by Ummah Initiative Group.
The mining competition gave me an opportunity as a Kwale youth to share my views regarding what the rich Kwale youth mining sector should do to create economic opportunities for Kwale youth to counter radicalization and violent extremism. This gave me another first time opportunity to physically visit the Base Titanium mine site, port facility and Base CSR. As a result I learnt so much and clarified misconceptions that contribute to conflict between mining companies and surrounding communities.
The SCORE program gave me an opportunity to address key stakeholders on the subject of mining during the youth business round table forum held at Leisure Lodge Resort in August 2016. Thanks to the SCORE mining competition today I am engaged as an intern at Ummah Initiative Group developing my career and supporting my fellow youth to fulfill AGPO requirements and engage in peace building. I sincerely thank Base Titanium for sponsoring my internship. I got the opportunity to attend training on MERL conducted by ACT and gained such useful skills as using the ODK tools and uploading organization data online.
With my professional skills in Accounting, am happy to be part of the SCORE program as an internship beneficiary and as an agent of change supporting my fellow youth in Kwale to acquire AGPO certification to qualify for government tenders. More importantly, together with my fellow youth, we are building our resilience against radicalization and violent extremism. I’ve also been granted with a chance to impact on my fellow youth positively through my knowledge and skills in Financial audit, Record management, Ecommerce, Business Trips, Human resource solutions, Market linkage, Business growth support and youth savings & loans facility.
Youth from Kwale County have very limited access to internship and job opportunities. This has led to conflict between the youth and the respective sectors that are responsible for providing such opportunities like the mining sector, the government and hotel sectors. This leaves the youth vulnerable thus they are easily lured into joining radicalized groups. I am happy to be part of Ummah’s effort to find a solution to the challenges facing youth in Kwale County. The score program serves as a bridge between the youth, the government and the private sector, enhancing access to economic opportunities including job opportunities, internship and business opportunities. This being my third and final month of my internship at Ummah Initiative, I’ve learned so much and gained so much experience upon working amongst experienced individuals and helping in dealing with daily office situations. At the finance department I was exposed to actual accounting functions which added so much value to my career growth considering my area of specialization as an accountant. I was given responsibility to assist with recording of daily monetary transactions involving activities of the organization in the journals before they are posted to the relevant accounts. I did cash analysis, and prepared bank reconciliations. I was also given the opportunity to deal with purchase orders since its necessary to document every single transaction that occurs in the organization.
Developing project proposals was a very interesting part of my internship. For the first time in my life I participated in writing a multi-million project proposal that was successful. It gives me great satisfaction to have been part of the team that developed the Amkeni Vijana Ugatuzi na Haki UNDP funded program for change aiming at enhancing youth participation in county policy matters and budget making processes. As my internship program comes to an end I can confirm to the world that my productivity as a youth has significantly been enhanced. Thanks to Ummah
Initiative, USAID, and Base Titanium through the SCORE program.

My experience with SCORE project financial reviews has given me a better understanding of what financial management compliance means to project donors. Thank you so much Ummah Initiative.

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